• Ostoul Capital Group was established in February 2016 with an authorized capital of EGP 100 million and a paid-in capital of EGP 25 million.

 The Group conforms with the Capital Market Law 95 1992 and its executive regulations.

 The Group's shareholders list bears some of the most prominent figures from diverse fields and industries making it one of the most solid institutions in the field.

• Ostoul Capital Group employs a highly experienced and qualified team dedicated to offering the Group's clients a fully integrated yet diversified suite of investment services and tools that help them develop their investment portfolios and capitalize their returns.

 The Group has already incorporated Ostoul Brokerage Services and Bonds Trading in addition to Ostoul Financial Consultancies.

 To guarantee the offering of a broader set of investment services, Ostoul Capital Group acquired licenses for Portfolio Management , Fund Management, Custody, Private Equity, Investment Banking and Nilex Sponsor. The Group is also working on obtaining the additional new license of the Marketing of Funds Certificates .



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