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Capital Group

Ostoul Capital Group is dedicated to offering its clients a fully integrated yet diversified suite of investment services that helps them develop their investment portfolios and capitalize their returns.Ostoul Capital guarantees an exceptional standard of performance through a highly experienced team.    

Fund & Portfolio Management

Ostoul Capital devotes a well established research team, a highly sophisticated system and ....

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Consultancy Services

Aware of the country's growing projects and future plans, Ostoul Capital established Ostoul Financial Consultancies ..

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Securities Brokerage

Ostoul Securities Brokerage is aggressively fighting its way to the top through its wide range of services

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Custody Services

In order to give its clients further assurance of their capability to fully manage their ....

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Egypt News

Happy feast

Ostoul is wishing you happy feast. Vacation will start by Tuesday 09/04/2024 till Sunday 14/04/2024.

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